AAAAHHH. ;U; Im not totally sure how to feel about this yet, honestly, ehhhhh. xD I really dont like the idea of going back to school yet or anything, so Im glad theres still another month of summer vacation, but stillllllll. 

I work from ten until two tomorrow! .3. I havent really been feeling all that great today though, so I dunno what Im gonna do if I wake up feeling like this or worse tomorrow. ;o; Its only four hours Ill have to work, but if Im feeling gross its gonna suuuuck, and Im not sure if Ill be able to do it at all if thats the case. ;u; 

I played more OneShot today! ^.^ I might play more Fire Emblem Awakening tonight before I go to bed too, maybe, depending on what time I get everything else I need to do done by. 030

Anyway, Id write more here tonight, but Im just waiting for Dad to come downstairs and keep watching stuff with Melissa and I, since he had to go upstairs to do some stuff for work for a couple minutes. Im writing from my iPad too, so Im starting to run out of space to type, ehhh. qoq

So I think Im gonna stop writing here for today, but Ill be on again tomorrow for sure! ;u; Ill try to get more written here then if I can. 

Good night guys! :o